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Team Manager for AndroidDeveloped for soccer, but will also support other team sports.This app manages player data, traning and matches. It has an integrated statistics module which helps a fair distribution of games compared to the players trainings.By registering players who show up for training, this app will figure out, !which players deserves to be picked for matches. This is done by the statistics module, comparing the players training% against players match%. The selection of players can happen automaticly, manually, or a combination of both. All player statistics can also be browsed for compairison. Besides, this app offers a bunch of other functions, that will help th!e trainer/teamleader keep track of players and matches:- Optional separation of players and matches according to level.- Player data like name, address, phone, email and even picture.- Shortcut to call, S or E-mail players.- Training. Check players who shows up for training. Optional use of player pictures, will help new trainers/teamleaders.- Matches. Match data like title, date, time and players. Selection of players can happen automatic, manual, or a combination of both.- Reminders. Be reminded before a match anywhere from 15 min to 48 hours before kickoff.- Plot in match results.- Graphic presentation of statistics for training and matches. Shows ideal distrubution of matches according to tranings.- Notes. For all the things that doesn't fit anywhere, and needs to be written down.- Data management. Delete old data, and import/export.- Data exchange by email. Makes it possible to share data between multible users.

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Enjoy an all-new match-3 puzzle game, and frolic among the mango trees. Match fruit to improve your score, and link the mangos to create massive explosions. Swap and match 3 items to burst and win points and collect all the items before your run out of moves. Complete the challenges set at the beginning of each level and beat hard levels. Take a break from your busy day, and spend a relaxing time playing Mango Match 3. Now, it’s the time to enjoy th!e sounds and ells of nature, and to tend to the delicious mangos. Enjoy Mango Match 3: - Addictive puzzles! - Swap and collect the sweet mangos. - Hundreds of fun and challenging levels. - A peaceful fruit field setting. - A ooth gameplay that will keep you occupied for hours. - Easy and fun match 3 game for the whole family to enjoy! - Try to complete all the challenges before you run out of moves. Download and play this awesome matching game and match all the delicious fruits from your garden. When playing the game, try to find the largest amount of items to combine together, and create major !explosions that will help you reach high scores and earn fabulous boosters. Use the cool boosters in order to get through levels, and win enough points to earn at least one star on every level. Download for free and play the awesome Mango Match 3 game. Clear your mind and experience this thrilling puzzle game today!

Smart Game Booster是一款非常精彩的游戏加速软件,它跟大家常使用的游戏加速器软件是差别的,它是基于系统设置,将系统更多的资源赐与游戏,从而到达游戏加速的功能,并且在您全屏游戏的时间,可以或许及时的表现FPS和及时温度,让您一眼就可以理解系统运行状态,嘻歡的小伙伴可以下载它试试,您肯定会发现自己的游戏运行起来流畅了不少。

Smart Game Booster